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03 Oct 2023 (Tue) 7:00p.m – 9:00p.m

Do you know WHY share prices go up and down?

Novice investors often inquire about the factors contributing to the volatility of stock prices. Understanding the reason behind its fluctuations is pivotal in helping us determine the stock’s price and whether it has investment potential.

Keen to improve your investing portfolio? In this webinar, Jay will share with you the secret weapon behind his wise stock selection while understanding the dynamics of price movement.

In this complimentary live webinar, Jay will share with you:

  • Understanding the factors that shape a stock’s price
  • Identifying the indicators to consider when choosing a stock
  • Recognising the key advantages of intrinsic valuation
The webinar serves as a preview for the Making Investments Work course



Oct 2023

7pm - 9pm

04 Oct 2023 (Wed) 7:00p.m – 9:00p.m

Are you a novice explorer or a seasoned trainer? Peek behind the scenes with easy explanations of how to research companies, spot promising trends, and make confident choices in the stock market.

In this complimentary live webinar, Caleb will share with you:

  • 3 Simple Steps for Choosing Stocks
  • SG, US, HK latest markets update
  • SG, US, HK stocks watchlists
  • How he uses Price Action to determine entry and exit points for a stock in 10 minutes

The webinar serves as a preview for the Mastering Price Action course



Oct 2023

7pm - 9pm

05 Oct  2023 (Thu) 12:00p.m – 2:00p.m

Join Darren in this upcoming webinar where he will guide you through the essential steps of crafting a retirement-oriented investment strategy. Learn and gain insight on how to set clear retirement goals, assess your risk tolerance, and create a budget that aligns with your dream retirement life.

In this complimentary live webinar, Darren will share with you:

  • Tips and Tricks you should take note when investing
  • How to gear your investment portfolio towards your retirement plan
  • How to diversify your investing portfolio 

The webinar serves as a preview for the Lifetime Income Mastery and REITs Analysis course



Sep 2023

12pm - 2pm

05 Oct 2023 (Thu) 7:00p.m – 9:00p.m

The concept of early retirement and retiring comfortably is a compelling idea for many. To achieve this, learning to invest our money and navigate through the complexities of financial decision making may be difficult. This webinar provides insights to how you can explore avenues of passive income through stock trading. 

Join Andy Yew,, the author of Win Big Lose Small and founder of ART system for a comprehensive webinar as he share his analysis and stock selection strategy 

In this complimentary live webinar, Andy will share with you:

  • How to Identify the Potential Stock for H2 2023?
  • How to know exactly when to enter or exit a stock?
  • How to analyse the market in less than 30 minutes with ART Trading System

The webinar serves as a preview for the Technical Analysis Systems Trading course



Oct 2023

7pm - 9pm

Past Webinars

14 Sep 2023 (Thu) 12:00p.m – 2:00p.m

With the credit rating of the US getting downgraded weighing down on investor sentiment (despite the dismissal of US treasury), uncertainty will start to rock the global market’s steady climb in the recent months.

Most investors are frustrated after reading mixed news about the market, stocks, and the broader global economy, often stranded on the sidelines as seemingly bold counterparts dive in to make a killing.

Now, what if there is a trading system that can separate SIGNALS from NOISE (ie. conflicting views and news) to pick out stocks that go on to become market leaders?

It even signals EXACTLY when – specific price points, down to the CENTS – to get in, days or sometimes even WEEKS ahead. 

Join CK Ee to learn more about this proven trading system and how to SENSE the correct SIGNALS of market leaders.

All of our Zoom Webinars are password protected, which will only be provided upon registration on Zoom.

In this webinar, CK will share with you:

  • How to set up and sense the correct signals of potential market leaders poised for EXPLOSIVE gains beforehand (likewise for stocks about to plunge)
  • How to get PRECISE entry and exit points to maximise profits and minimise losses (extremely effective in a bear market and chaotic situations)
  • How to EXPLOIT strong market sentiments created by the “Big Fishes” A.K.A. fund managers and institutional investors
  • How to REPEAT this process to make CONSISTENT profits regardless of market conditions
  • BONUS: Short selling opportunities when growth stocks face severe correction in bear markets because of the “Big Boys” collecting profits

Stop frustrating over the NOISE and learn how to pick up the CORRECT SIGNALS, especially in a stagnating market with only a handful of strong market leaders giving most of the gains.

The webinar serves as a preview for Mastering Explosive Swings course



Sep 2023

12pm - 2pm


LIVE WEBINAR 10 STEPS - How you can successfully integrate Blockchain into businesses

Are you curious about how blockchain technology can be used in business?

Blockchain is a transformative technology that is changing the way businesses operate. It has the potential to revolutionize many industries, and we want to help you understand how it can be used in your business.

Join Jana as she shares with you the wonderful possibilities of how blockchain technology can help with your business.

Get ahead of others and be one of the first businesses to adopt this revolutionary technology.

There will be no recording provided for this webinar so be sure not to miss it!

All of our Zoom Webinars are password protected, which will only be provided upon registration on Zoom.

Key take away from this 2-Hour complimentary Webinar:

    1. What is Blockchain
    2. 10 step approach to find and implement for different cases
    3. Benefit of Implementing Blockchain into your Business
    4.  Overview on the Blockchain ecosystem 

The webinar serves as a preview for the Introduction to Blockchain course

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LIVE WEBINAR Data Analytics With Excel , Power BI & Python

Data is the new commodity – in todays’ context the way we source for information and how we communicate said information has become pivotal for both individuals and organisations. Bring data to life with live dashboards, generate reports and craft out unique insights for your organisation by connecting to various data sources. Extracting, analysing data and sorting large quantities of data in a logical manner will help your business make well-informed and effective decisions.

Identifying best practices and knowing which are the right tools for data visualisation and analytics is a crucial factor in growing your organisation. Most businesses adopt visual-based tools such as Microsoft Excel or Power BI to help with the visualisation and analytics of data. While others use coding based tools such as Python for their data processing requirements.

Through this webinar, participants will have a glimpse into how industry experts utilise these tools to analyse and visualise data.

There will be no recording provided for this webinar so be sure not to miss it!

All of our Zoom Webinars are password protected, which will only be provided upon registration on Zoom.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • Introduction to Data Analytics & Visualization
  • The adoption of Data Analytics in the industry
  • How to analyse data and efficiently derive business insights
  • Discussion of visual and coding based tools such as:
    • Excel and PowerBI
    • Python
  • Live demonstrations of various functions in Excel, Power BI and Python
  • Case studies of how analytics is used in the industry
  • Derive a better understanding of  how these digital tools fit into your organization

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