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Financial Professionals

Cyber Security and Data

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Our Financial Investment Training Courses

It is getting harder to navigate the increasingly complex financial markets. With the proper financial education,  most importantly anyone can be successful even if they do not have any trading or investment background. Learn the unique trading and investing strategies along with essential skills including fundamental analysis, technical analysis, portfolio management, how to pick stocks, how to trade without indicators and much more. CyberQuote’s industry leading Financial Investment Training Courses is all you need to achieve financial success!

CPD e-learning

Allow your licensed Representatives to focus on what they do best through time and cost efficient education

Our Ethics and Rules & Regulations Courses are approved by IBF (Institute of Banking and Finance) and are eligible for FTS Grant (90% or 50%). More info from here.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment is a risk management process used to identify, quantify and rank possible vulnerabilities to threats in cyber security. Because of vulnerability assessment methodology combines both black box and white box approach.

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Penetration Testing

Even after installing the necessary firewalls just last month, hackers may continue to search for vulnerabilities in your system, probing and testing for security gaps and lapses. It is absolutely necessary to find any new vulnerabilities before the hackers do. You can do this by having our ethical professionals conduct Penetration Tests on your system and have security gaps patched and sealed before hackers find them.

G-Series Stock Trading Platform

Our G-Series Stock Trading Platform is a web-based platform for broker-dealers designed to automate trading contract settlement and clearing.  Most importantly, our platform brings transformative operational advantages to global post trade processing and management from trade capture through clearance and settlement, reconciliation, asset servicing, and regulatory reporting.

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It streamlines and standardizes operations and infrastructure across multi asset classes, markets, currencies and business entities. Invest in what really makes a difference, with our trading platform technology to ensure your business is running smoothly.