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In Singapore’s current market, investors are carefully considering the viability of Singapore Savings Bonds (SGS) and Treasury Bills (T-Bills) for their portfolios. Both offer low risk but with potentially different returns. Choosing between them depends on individual risk tolerance and desired investment timeline.

Join Darren as he analyses the different passive income streams investors can opt to take in today’s market.

In this complimentary live webinar, Darren will share with you:

  • What are t-bills and Singapore savings bonds
  • What are the differences
  • How to create a multi-asset retirement dividend portfolio

The webinar serves as a preview for the Lifetime Income Mastery REITs Analysis course

While the short-term market outlook continues to pressure the Singapore bourse, the soaring US stock indices clearly show acceptance of slower rate cuts, and regional stocks with exposure to China’s improving property market are reacting positively.

Additionally, geopolitical tensions between Iran and Israel have lessened, correcting oil prices and helping press down inflation.

Furthermore, the idle US$6 trillion-odd in the US money market funds will start pouring in once Fed rates fall, greasing the rusty wheels in undervalued stocks globally.
The general market consensus is that the mid-term looks positive, as long as we navigate the short-term uncertainty and turbulence. Now, how to be prepared for when the smart money flows into the market to make explosive gains?

That’s not all – we even knew EXACTLY when – specific price points, down to the CENTS – to get in, days or sometimes even WEEKS ahead. Best of all, it works for BOTH upward and downward trends – we can make gains from shorting the stocks that crumble in the face of market pressure.

All of our Zoom Webinars are password protected, which will only be provided upon registration on Zoom.

In this webinar, CK will share with you:
  1. How to set up and catch the strongest signals of potential market leaders poised for EXPLOSIVE gains beforehand (likewise for stocks about to plunge)
  2. How to get PRECISE entry and exit points to maximise profits and minimise losses (regardless whether it’s a bear or bull market)
  3. How to EXPLOIT strong market sentiments created by positive news and the “Big Fishes” A.K.A. fund managers and institutional investors
  4. How to REPEAT this process to make CONSISTENT profits regardless of market conditions and risks
  5. BONUS: Short selling opportunities when market leaders face severe correction because of the “Big Boys” collecting profits

The webinar serves as a preview for Mastering Explosive Swings course

The stock market can be daunting, especially when searching for promising investments. Caleb will break down the key factors influencing the market, including economic trends, geopolitical events, and interest rate fluctuations. He will also share valuable tools and resources for uncovering stocks with strong fundamentals and promising growth potential.

Explore technical indicators that can help you identify entry and exit points for your investments, even in a volatile market. Join Caleb as he share the strategies to find strong stocks even in volatile times.

In this complimentary live webinar, Caleb will share with you:

  • Is US market Peak?
  • Is China Hong Kong market bottomed?
  • Market Insights & Adapting Your Strategy
  • Live Q&A with Caleb
  • Your individual stocks analysis

The webinar serves as a preview for the Mastering Price Action course

20 , 27 Jun 2024 (7pm-10.30pm) & 22, 29 Jun 2024 (9am-4.30pm) Conducted via ZOOM

LIM Course Website Thumbnail

Lifetime Income Mastery

A course suitable for any individual to attain the ability to build and manage their own multi-asset portfolios that will generate lifetime income specifically for retirement needs.


This course is eligible for:

26, 27, 28 Jun (7PM – 10.30PM) & 29 Jun (9AM – 6PM) Conducted via ZOOM

TAST Course Website Thumbnail

Technical Analysis Systems Trading

This course is designed for finance professionals and individuals who want to gain a deeper understanding and practical knowledge of Real Estate Investment Trusts.


This course is eligible for:

9, 16, 23 Nov 2024 (9AM - 6PM) Conducted via Zoom

MIW Course Website Thumbnail 1 1024x768

Making Investments Work

This course is designed for finance professionals who want to gain deeper understanding and practical knowledge of investment and trading concepts, developed accordingly to IBF standards.

This course is eligible for:

20, 21 Jun 2024 (7pm-10.30pm) 22 Jun 2024 (9am-5pm) Conducted via Zoom

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Mastering Price Action

Participants will discover what price action is and how to use it in finding high-probability trades in stock. Participants can also apply price action skills in all markets i.e., indices, forex, future, bitcoin, etc.

This course is eligible for:

Contact us at support@cyberquote.com.sg for more information.

RA Course Website Thumbnail 1024x768

REITs Analysis

This course is designed for finance professionals and individuals who want to gain a deeper understanding and practical knowledge of Real Estate Investment Trusts.

This course is eligible for

29, 30 May (7pm-10pm) 1 Jun (9am-5pm) Conducted via Zoom

ITBC Course Website Thumbnail 1024x768

Mastering Explosive Swings

Participants will obtain in-depth knowledge on how to perform swing and position trading in defined timeframe.

This course is eligible for:


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