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16th August 2022 (Tue) 12:00pm - 2:00pm

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How to Live Off Dividends For Retirement

Many people believe that once they retire, they need to focus on attaining “dividends” — which results in them putting most or even all of their savings into investments that generate regular payouts such as bonds, REITs, dividend stocks, unit trusts, or a combination of these.

Does this approach have any shortcomings and what are the optimal steps you can take when choosing to go with this investment strategy?

There will be no recording provided for this webinar so be sure not to miss it!

All of our Zoom Webinars are password protected, which will only be provided upon registration on Zoom.

In this complimentary live webinar, Darren will share with you:

  • What is Dividend Investing
  • The dos and don’ts of Dividend Investing
  • How much will you actually need in retirement
  • How to outlive your nest egg and get stable dividend income for life
  • How to create a multi-asset retirement dividend portfolio

The webinar serves as a preview for the Lifetime Income Mastery.

17th August 2022 (Wednesday) 7pm - 9pm

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Is Recession Coming to SG?

Ukraine- Russia war, inflation, and rising interest rates are leading to recessionary concerns worldwide. What will happen when a recession occurs in Singapore’s recovery economy?

How would we know the recession has occurred? More importantly, how should we position ourselves in the stock market?

In this complimentary webinar, Jay will share with you the current Singapore’s economy condition and how you can position yourselves in the current market condition.

Key Takeaways for the session include:

  • What is a recession & how will it affect your investment portfolio
  • How to identify a recession
  • Current market condition of Singapore’s economy
  • How to position your investment for a possible recession

The webinar serves as a preview for the Making Investments Work.

18th August 2022 (Thu) 12pm - 2pm


What’s the “Good” In A Massive Sell-down?

You already know the overall softened market and impending recession – stagflation, rate hikes, geopolitical conflicts, and sanctions just to name a few. The short-lived recovery from easing of Covid measures frustrates everyone.
With the exception of a few stocks, including the recently listing of NIO, even the strongest growth stocks are stagnating. The inconvenient truth is that the market will only get worse before it gets better.

But what if I told you our trading system have picked up stocks – specifically Hong Kong ETFs listed in SGX (for eg. Lion-OCBC HS Tech) and even NIO – right before a price reversal.

PLUS, we even made gains by short selling Nanofilm in the recent months, a growth stock that faced a sell down. Another classic example was iFast, right when it made its painful decline after the 10x gains late-2020 to mid-2021.
The best part is we knew EXACTLY when to get in, days or sometimes even WEEKS ahead. Everyone knows “bottom picking” but how many actually know the tell-tale signs of a stock “bottoming out”?

Key takeaways from this webinar include: 

  • Learn more about this proven trading system and how to spot tell-tale signs of “bottoming” in CK Ee’s FREE 2-hour live webinar:
  • How to spot tell-tale signs that a stock is “bottoming out” and poised for potential EXPLOSIVE recovery gains beforehand (likewise for stocks about to plunge)
  • How to get PRECISE entry and exit points to maximise profits and minimise losses (extremely effective in a bear market and chaotic situations)
  • How to EXPLOIT strong market sentiments created by the “Big Fishes” A.K.A. fund managers and institutional investors
  • How to REPEAT this process to make CONSISTENT profits regardless of market conditions
  • BONUS: Short selling opportunities when growth stocks face severe correction in bear markets because of the “Big Boys” collecting profits

25, 26, 27 May (7PM – 10.30PM) & 28 May (9AM – 6PM) Conducted via Zoom

TAST Course Website Thumbnail

Technical Analysis Systems Trading

This course will impart hands-on Technical skills to analyse stocks in the Global Market, search for trading opportunities, conduct risk management, understand trading psychology, maximise profit, and minimize losses.

This course is eligible for:

19, 26 May (7PM – 10.30PM) & 21, 28 May (9AM – 4.30PM) Conducted Via Zoom

LIM Course Website Thumbnail

Lifetime Income Mastery

A course suitable for any individual to attain the ability to build and manage their own multi-asset portfolios that will generate lifetime income specifically for retirement needs.

This course is eligible for:

13, 16, 20, 23, 27 & 30 Jun (6.15pm-10.15pm) Conducted via Zoom

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This course is designed for finance professionals who want to gain deeper understanding and practical knowledge of investment and trading concepts, developed accordingly to IBF standards.

This course is eligible for:

19, 20 May (7pm-10.30pm) & 21 May (9am-5pm) Conducted Via Zoom

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Participants will discover what price action is and how to use it in finding high-probability trades in stock. Participants can also apply price action skills in all markets i.e., indices, forex, future, bitcoin, etc.

This course is eligible for:


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