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10 May 2022 (Mon) 7:30pm - 9:30pm

W4 16X9

Hospitality REITs, Risk or Opportunity?

With the progressive easing of Covid-19 rules, how will it affect the hospitality REITs? What are some of the risk & opportunity when investing hospitality REITs

Join Darren as he shares his insight on hospitality REITs. Darren will also share with you on his selection criteria for the REITs a s well as the potential growth & risk it may face.

In this complimentary live webinar, Darren will share with you:

  • The risk & opportunity when investing in hospitality REITs
  • Things to look out for when investing into hospitality REITs
  • Tips and Tricks you should take note if when investing in stocks
  • Steps you can take to diversify your portfolio as you build your retirement fund
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The webinar serves as a preview for the Lifetime Income Mastery.

11 APR 2022 (Wed) 12pm - 2pm


Are Inflation Peaks Good For Stock Markets?

Inflation can be costly for consumers, stocks and economy , stocks tend to be more volatile when inflation is elevated.

US inflation skyrocketed to 8.5% which is the highest rate since 1981 but is it near the peak yet? How will it affect the stock market? and are inflation peaks good for the stock market?

Join Caleb for a webinar session as he shares investment ideas if inflation near peaks and stocks to look out for in the US & Singapore Market. Caleb will also share steps and tips on how you can conduct your own stock analysis using Price Action tactics.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Discover Singapore potential stocks when inflation near peaks
  • How will inflation peaks affect the stock market
  • How to analyse stock using Price Action for SG, US stocks  
  • Individual stock analysis using Price Action 

See you there!

The webinar serves as a preview for the Mastering Price Action Course.

12 May 2022 (Thu) 7pm - 9pm

Uncertainty Q2 2022 Digital Links

Strategies to Combat Market Uncertainty Q2 2022

When the COVID-19 pandemic began a year ago, economies around the world were severely impacted. Lockdowns came down particularly hard on small businesses and governments around the world had to provide strong monetary support to prevent economies from collapsing – it was worse than the 2008 Lehman Brothers crisis.

However, stock markets surprisingly recovered quite quickly after an initial steep drop in March 2020. The NDU Smart Money Index shows continued net inflow of funds going into stocks. Tech stocks especially did very well for example Applied Material and Zoom. But do we just focus on tech stocks?

The key to thriving in this market is finding steadily growing stocks with minimal risks, whichever sector they may be in. Besides tech stocks, commodities stocks have also made good returns in the past year. In this market watch, you will learn how to identify financially stable companies with a good track record and likely to thrive in today’s market.

Join Andy for his unique insights as to the Best Growth Stocks in Q2 2022 for the Singapore and Global markets. Andy will share with you his ART Indicator System, a proven strategy to analyze and shortlist potential winners.

What you will take away from this 2-Hour Market Watch:

  1. The Best Growth Stocks to watch in Q2 2022
  2. What are the Strongest Sectors to be in right now?
  3. Best Strategy to Navigate through Market Uncertainty
  4. How to Identify Best Growth Stocks with Smart Money Index

This webinar serves as a preview for the Technical Analysis Systems Trading course taught by Andy.


25, 26, 27 May (7PM – 10.30PM) & 28 May (9AM – 6PM) Conducted via Zoom

TAST Course Website Thumbnail

Technical Analysis Systems Trading

This course will impart hands-on Technical skills to analyse stocks in the Global Market, search for trading opportunities, conduct risk management, understand trading psychology, maximise profit, and minimize losses.

This course is eligible for:

19, 26 May (7PM – 10.30PM) & 21, 28 May (9AM – 4.30PM) Conducted Via Zoom

LIM Course Website Thumbnail

Lifetime Income Mastery

A course suitable for any individual to attain the ability to build and manage their own multi-asset portfolios that will generate lifetime income specifically for retirement needs.

This course is eligible for:

13, 16, 20, 23, 27 & 30 Jun (6.15pm-10.15pm) Conducted via Zoom

MIW Course Website Thumbnail 1 1024x768


This course is designed for finance professionals who want to gain deeper understanding and practical knowledge of investment and trading concepts, developed accordingly to IBF standards.

This course is eligible for:

19, 20 May (7pm-10.30pm) & 21 May (9am-5pm) Conducted Via Zoom

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Participants will discover what price action is and how to use it in finding high-probability trades in stock. Participants can also apply price action skills in all markets i.e., indices, forex, future, bitcoin, etc.

This course is eligible for:


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