Duration: 7 Hours

Required Skills:

Basic IT related skills

For many years currently, the bulk of digital attacks decide to exploit the human factor through phishing attempts and connected efforts.

In line with our Secureworks® 2018 Incident Response Incident Reports, forty percent of attackers gain entry from prospective phishing scam attempts, reinforcing the requirement for everyone to stay educated.

Malicious hackers and attackers prey on easy to trick users. Fooling them into granting access into a digital resource.

As opposed to long ago where they attempt brute force methods to hack their way in.

Simply put: the human factor is the weakest link for organisation’s cybersecurity efforts. That is why individuals are the primary targets of cyber attackers, using tools such as ransomware, spear phishing, malware and social engineering to gain access into important data.

This course is meant to educate your employees who may be at risk from falling prey to all the sophisticated methods employed by hackers today.

The Course is contains the following :

  • E-Learning User awareness training.
  • A Simulated Ethical Phising Attack
  • User Awareness Workshop
  • Security Incident Update
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