Employee Share Plan Management


A highly automated and Cutomisable platform


We host the application in a secure premise


Our expertise in cyber security enables us to provide reliable,leading-edge solutions


Reduce administration effort and ease status tracking with autoreporting


Employee can manage stock options 24/7 with ease


Reduce manual computation of shares distributation and minimizing error

Integrated Modulesn

Interated modules with Share Register,Trustee, Broker and Dealer


Forms for SGX & CDP are automatically generated


Automated monitoring and reminders for plan vesting periods

Audit Trail

Audit trail and logs captured for system administrators

Employee Share
Options Plan

Manage entire stock options process, form the creation of the plan, announcement and the exercising of the options and investment plans.

Employee Performance
Share Plan

ESPN is a qualified retirement program through which employees receive shares of the corporation’s stock.

Employee Share
Purchase Plan

ESPP are formal plans to allow employees to set aside money over a period of the offering period.

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