A Sniffing Attack refers to the use of an application designed to intercept and steal data packets passing through a computer network.

Malicious attackers use the captured data to extract sensitive information such as personal identity details, passwords, health information, banking information, and many other sensitive information that may pass through the network.

Here are the two types of sniffing attacks.

What is a Sniffing Attack

  1. Active Sniffing
    – Sniffs through a Switch
    – Easy to Detect
    – Attacker needs to flood the switch with MAC addresses
    – Type of Attacks (Spoofing Attack, MAC Flooding, DHCP Attacks)
  2. Passive Sniffing
    – Sniffs through a Hub
    – Difficult to Detect
    – Attacker simply needs to connect to a LAN
    – Type of Attacks (Listening to data traffic in the network)

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