Our Vulnerability Assessment Service

CyberQuote provides services in the area of cyber security such as Vulnerability Assessment Service, as well as Penetration Testing , Source Code Review, Stimulating Phishing & Staff Awareness Program in Singapore and South East Asia.

CyberQuote’s  Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing services is extremely popular in Singapore & South East Asia. Commercial enterprises that rely extensively on their lone database cannot undermine the importance of Cyber Security. Unless you deploy a proven measure to safeguard your sensitive data you can never know when hackers can malign their integrity .

Astonishingly, Vulnerability and data security issues often remain overlooked and its responsibility is enshrined to the IT department. However, it can prove to be disastrous. Commercial enterprises need to realize that the impact of data security is one of the determining factors of long-term sustainability.

What Can You Expect from Us ?

CyberQuote’s skilled computer experts will perform ethical hacking utilizing programming skills to uncover Vulnerabilities in your computer system. In sharp contrast to ethical hackers who are bent on abusing these vulnerabilities for personal gain, ethical hackers can help you to uncover them and recommend changes for strengthening the system. As the old saying goes intent decides the legitimacy of an action. The same thing could be said about hacking too. Ethical hacking services provided under the supervision of skilled computer experts can keep your information and the systems involved safe.

Reduce Your Risk.<br />
Assure Your Security

Reduce Your Risk.
Assure Your Security

A risk management process used to identify. quantify and rank possible vulnerabilities to threats in cyber security.
Phase 1 Information Gathering

Understanding the business objectives

Reviewing the type of system,network and application

Identifying the services or sensitive technical information.

Phase 2 Vulnerability Identification

Ensure that all components of applications are analysed.

Performing manipulative, aggregation and interactive testing

Phase 3 Vulnerability Analysis

Analysis of vulnerabilities detected to identify the chances of exploitation


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