What are cybersecurity risks and how will they impact your business? After having gone through a digital transformation and leveraging highly on technology for your day-to-day business activities and work processes, your business is now highly dependent on technology. This results in the risk of becoming a target for malicious hackers extremely high. Here are the Top Cyber Risks faced by Businesses in the Digital Age.

Top Cyber Risks Faced by Businesses in the Digital Age

  1. Ransomware – A form of malware that encrypts your data and demands a fee to be paid in order to be released again.
  2. Phishing – An attempt disguised as a form of an email to gather sensitive information such as login details, passwords, and credit card information.
  3. Hacking – An attempt by an attacker to break into your organization’s IT system and retrieve or destroy sensitive information.
  4. Insider Threat – Data leakage due to the mistake or malicious act by your own organization staff.

CyberQuote offers Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services to help companies ensure their IT infrastructure is secure against cyber-attacks and minimize the risk of data breaches.

At CyberQuote, we believe training the users is key to having great cyber hygiene. Our Cyber-Safeguard Awareness Programme (C-SAP), which is accredited by the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF), is designed for companies to increase cybersecurity awareness of their employees. CyberQuote also provides solutions for Cyber Hygiene. For more details, please contact us today!