Phishing cases have been on the rise, with at least 93 victims in Singapore losing up to $140,000 since August 2021. It is important to stay vigilant and recognize the various kinds of phishing scams being used today.

What is phishing? Phishing is a malicious activity which aims to steal valuable information from you. The attacker assumes the identity of a trusted organization or body and tricks the victim into opening an e-mail/instant message or text message that contains a malicious link or program.

The victim is then asked for confidential information that if given will lead to dire consequences such as identity theft, loss of funds and loss of access to important accounts or information.
Here are some tips to identify Phishing attempts:

  • Always verify the e-mail address of the sender, phishing e-mails usually come from odd e-mail addresses
  • Do not download any attachments or click links unless you are sure they are from legitimate sources that you are familiar with
  • If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is, make sure to do your purchases from reputable merchants/sites
  • Never give out confidential information/OTP, contact your bank if an OTP is generated without your consent


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