What is Social Engineering?

Social engineering attacks are designed to manipulate you into revealing sensitive information. In the first 10 months of 2021, the volume of data breaches has already exceeded the full year record in 2020.

The cyber criminals who perpetrate these attacks are meticulous in their preparation. They follow every event happening around the world to look for the next opportunity for an attack. COVID19 was heaven-sent to them. COVID19 scams and the resulting data breaches have been encountered all over the world.

The attacker will use well known phenomena such as COVID19 to dupe email recipients into sharing confidential data without them realizing it. A simple click in an email containing nothing but just a button “update” might have been all it took. Unsuspecting recipients who click on the “Update” button would have let in a malicious “malware” into their organization’s network and systems.

The human factor is the most important & vulnerable link in cybersecurity. You will never know when you will become a victim of these attacks. Educating and reminding employees will help them be more vigilant and recognise suspicious emails and messages, thereby reducing the risk of cybercrime.

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