Cybersecurity is most definitely not gender-biased and should be taken seriously by anyone as both men and women are equally vulnerable online and can suffer dire consequences from being cyber attacked.

There have been increasing reports of incidents where women and young girls are being harassed, bullied, or becoming victims of some sort due to cyber-attacks. These cases are found to be common among men as well.

In the week of International Women’s Day, we are here to share a few Essential Cyber Safety Tips for Women (and Men alike).

Essential Cyber Safety Tips for Women



  1. Use Strong Passwords and Never Share
    – Keep passwords complex & discreet & change them regularly
  2. Keep Your Personal Information, Personal
    – Be extra careful when revealing personal details
    – Refrain from sharing your whereabouts on dangerous apps
  3. Do not Click on Suspicious Links
    – Never click on links with special discounts and freebies before confirming its authenticity
  4. Do Not Leave your Webcam Connected
    – Disconnect your webcam immediately when not in use
  5. Never Hesitate to Block
    – Never feel bad ignoring & declining friend requests from strangers
    – Simply block anyone who is making you feel uncomfortable
  6. Ensure that All Operating Security Systems are Updated
    – Keep your online security software updated
    – Conduct anti-virus scans regularly


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