2021 is just around the corner – most of us are thinking about what 2021 will bring, both enterprises and cyber hackers alike.

What new ways are there for cyber hackers to attack? How should enterprises react? What potential risks and considerations should you look out for in 2021? What should you be focusing on?

Take a peek at the cybersecurity issues that are likely to affect you in 2021!


Cybersecurity in the Next Normal


  1. Your Staff Working Remotely Will Continue to be the Main Target
  2. Moving from VPN to Zero Trust Network
  3. The Emergence of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)
  4. 5G Bringing Greater Connectivity as well as Greater Threats
  5. More Severe Attacks on Healthcare and Financial Institutions
  6. Your Competitors are Likely to Accelerate their Digital Transformation Efforts
  7. Cybercriminals will Continue to Leverage on COVID-19

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