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Ransomware is a form of malware that locks up your files. Causing you to have no access to your files. The attacker then proceeds to demand a ransom before they give you the key to unlock your files.

There are numerous ways in which ransomware can get access into your system, the most common one being phishing, where attackers trick victims into downloading/opening harmful programs. These programs proceed to lock up your files and you will not be able to access your crucial files without paying the attacker’s ransom demands. Thus, it is important that everyone be taught how to recognize phishing scams.


Here are some tips to avoid ransomware:

  • Constantly update your OS (operating system) to ensure fewer exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Do not install programs unless you are certain they are from a legitimate source
  • Have an antivirus program installed and updated constantly
  • Develop a habit of backing up your files regularly to ensure continued access to your important documents.
  • Ensure employees are well aware of good Cyber Security practices


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