Mastering Explosive Swings


Participants will learn a comprehensive approach to navigate the equities markets, using proven trend and momentum strategy. Concepts learned are also applicable to other financial markets, e.g. forex, futures, etc.

Programme Objectives
  • Equip participants with strategies to overcome common psychological pitfalls of traders
  • Enrich participants with smarter trading capital allocation to minimize risks and maximize returns
  • Enrich participants with swing trading concepts and mechanics
Target Audience

Individuals who are interested in learning about swing trading and how to trade in volatile market conditions.

Course Outline
  • Trading Psychology
  • Money management
  • Swing Trading Part 1
  • Swing Trading Part 2
  • Trading China A-Shares & Hong Kong Shares
  • Software training
Learning Outcomes
  • Learn a comprehensive approach to successful navigating the equities markets
  • Learn what moves price, how supply & demand rule the markets and why this matters to trading
  • Learn momentum-based trading technique for trading in a volatile market environments