Mastering Explosive Swings


Participants will obtain in-depth knowledge on how to trade a more volatile market with specific focus on Hong Kong & China markets (through “H” shares) which are likely to see more liquidity in view of polar shift in financial landscape. China and Hong Kong are currently 5th and 7th largest market by market capitalization.

Hong Kong stocks and “H” shares offer greater market breadth, allowing traders easy access to sectors, such as social media, gaming, fintech, green technology, luxury goods, etc.

Participants will learn a comprehensive approach to successful navigating the equities markets, using proven trend and momentum strategy. Concepts learned are relevant to other financial markets, eg. forex, futures, etc.

Programme Objectives
  • Equip participants with strategies to overcome common psychological pitfalls of traders
  • Enrich participants with smarter trading capital allocation to minimize risks and maximize returns
  • Enrich participants with swing trading concepts and mechanics
Target Audience

Individuals who are interested in learning about swing trading and how to trade in volatile market conditions.

Course Outline
  • Trading Psychology
  • Money management
  • Swing Trading Part 1
  • Swing Trading Part 2
  • Trading China H-Shares & Hong Kong Shares
  • Software training
Learning Outcomes
  • Learn a comprehensive approach to successful navigating the equities markets
  • Learn what moves price, how supply & demand rule the markets and why this matters to trading
  • Learn momentum-based trading technique for trading in a volatile market environments