In order to keep one step ahead of cybercriminals in today’s digital world, organizations can take a variety of measures. One of the most effective is to hire an ethical hacker into your cybersecurity team.

“To beat a hacker, you need to think like a hacker”. Ethical hackers are talented individuals who put their knowledge of hacking into helping organizations find vulnerabilities before cybercriminals do.

Here are several good reasons certified ethical hackers help protect organizations from becoming victims of cybercrime!


Why Are Ethical Hackers Sought After by Organizations 3


  • Protect their Information Systems from malicious hackers
  • Evaluate the risk potential of the organization’s systems by Uncovering Vulnerabilities
  • Enhance & improve Safeguarding of data and information
  • Avoid security breaches by setting Preventive Measures
  • Analyze and strengthen Security Posture including processes, policies, and employee practices
  • Increase Security Awareness across all levels in the organization


At CQ, we offer the IBF accredited Certified Ethical Hacker Preparatory Course for Financial Services Industry course. Tailored especially for individuals in the financial services industry, it equips the course participant with the latest hacking tools and techniques used by cybercriminals to exploit system vulnerabilities.

Learn how hacking is carried out, how hackers identify vulnerabilities, and what preemptive measures you can take against malicious attacks!

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