Small and large businesses alike have begun to reduce paper usage by going digital. This involves switching to electronic document management and workflow. Going paperless does not happen overnight but is a process that takes time and persistent effort. As the Chinese saying goes, a journey of ten thousand miles starts with the first step.

Has your organization joined in the ACT of going paperless?” Take that first step today!

The Paperless Act


Archiving Information Digitally

  • Turn important paper documents into digital files by scanning them.
  • Backup and store important electronic documents using online storage.

Conserving the Environment

  • Changing the way information is consumed by quitting physical papers and using online portals.
  • Use customizable online form builders like CQ Form Builder.

Transforming Approval Processes

  • Switching to using e-signatures for approval
  • Routing digital files to the right recipients without manual intervention.


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