Social media channels today are some of the most effective tools for growing your online presence, especially if you are using it to seek out potential clients and business opportunities.

Each and every social media channel is different and is popular for different reasons. The type and style of content that you put out needs to be aligned with the channel.  DONUTS – a good way for you to get a good understanding of the characteristics of the different social media channels!

Social Media Channels Explained in Donuts


  • Instagram – “Here is a photo of my donut! Hashtag donuts”
  • Facebook – “I like donuts. Add me if you like donuts too!”
  • Twitter – “I am going to eat a #donut”
  • YouTube – “Subscribe to my channel for more of me eating donuts!”
  • Whatsapp – “Hey! Shall we get a donut?”
  • LinkedIn – “Thanks for connecting! I am a professional donut-eater.”


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