A malicious software, aka Malware, is a program used by cyber hackers to harm computer systems. You may think that you are safe from malware. Unfortunately, malware can go unnoticed in computer systems for long periods of time and begin sudden attacks when least expected. Find out the facts about malware to prevent falling victim to such malicious attacks.

Dont Be A Victim of Malware revised

You may think that,

  • Well-known sites are free from malware
  • It is safe to use backup drive to restore data after a malware infection
  • Anti-virus can detect malware
  • Disabling software updates does not compromise computer security

but in fact,

  • Well-known websites can also be infected with malware. The malware can be possibly sent to your computer if the browsed site is infected even though if it is just an advert.
  • Malware can infect the backup drive or can be in hidden segments within the hard drive. It is advisable to scan the backup drive for any malware before using it.
  • Anti-virus scans can only detect certain malware because sometimes they can run undetected. The best way to know if your computer is infected is to run scans using anti-malware software.
  • Software makers release updates to address specific security issues. Without these updates, the computer is more likely to be compromised.

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