Most businesses have come to terms with the fact that the biggest weakness of being cyber attacked is their employees. The human element is the weakest link in cybersecurity. Careless actions and habits of employees can put businesses at risk of having their cybersecurity compromised.

Danger From Within

Danger From Within

You can reduce the danger level by,

  • Providing critical cyber security awareness training to your employees, exposing them to different threats and how they can avoid them.
  • Conducting risk assessments on your employees on a regular basis
  • Avoiding giving unnecessary permission to access sensitive files and data to employees
  • Conducting Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) on your systems annually

At CyberQuote, we believe educating the users is key to having good cyber hygiene. Our Cyber-Safeguard Awareness Programme (C-SAP), which is accredited by the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF), is designed for companies to increase cyber security awareness of their employees.

CyberQuote also offers Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services to help companies ensure their IT infrastructure is secure against cyber attacks and minimize the risk of data breaches. For more details, please contact us today!

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