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The recent security incident affecting a major local bank has given insight to the sophisticated methods hackers are now employing to attain your personal data.

The saga was an elaborate phishing scam that successfully lured and affected numerous people and resulted in major losses as they had their assets wiped out.

The most concerning part of the recent debacle is that it could have been prevented if more efforts were made to educate the people about the prevalence of phishing scams.

Here are some important pointers to take note:

  • Always check the URL of the site you are visiting, if the URL looks suspicious, make sure to contact your bank directly to check the legitimacy of the site.
  • Never divulge your login information unless you are 100% sure that you are visiting the official online platform of your bank.
  • Organisations will never request for your login credentials through SMS. Instead they will make an effort to contact you directly if there are any issues.
  • Do not click links from any e-mails or sms from contacts that you are unfamiliar with. Instead use the official applications or platforms provided by your bank.
  • Be vigilant and make the conscious effort to contact your banking organisation directly when in doubt

The human factor remains as one of the most important & vulnerable aspects in cybersecurity. Educating and reminding one another will help encourage vigilance and assist in recognising suspicious emails and messages, help to keep one another safe.

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