A Cyber Attack can happen in many different scenarios, whereby an unauthorized source, usually anonymous, breaks into your computer system attempting to steal, disable or corrupt information and data. Here are 6 reasons why cyber hacking happens which you can avoid to prevent falling victim to such malicious attacks.

6 Reasons Why Cyber Hacking Happens

  1. Lack of encryption software to safeguard information
  2. Sensitive accounts are accessed using public computers
  3. Clicking on suspicious attachments from emails
  4. Lack of two-step verification for email login
  5. Plugging in unauthorized devices
  6. Lack of automatic software updates to enhance security

CyberQuote offers penetration testing services to help companies ensure their IT infrastructure is secure against cyber attacks and minimize the risk of data breaches. CyberQuote also offers the C-SAP programme which is designed for companies to increase the level of cyber security awareness of their employees. C-SAP is approved by the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF), which is affiliated to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). For more details,please contact us  today!