If there’s a social media platform that salespeople have to be a part of, it’s LinkedIn.

With its mission statement being “connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful”, LinkedIn proves to be a platform that provides great opportunities for salespeople.

There is a big difference between a LinkedIn Profile for employment and one to connect with prospects.

Here are 6 tips to help you optimize your LinkedIn Profile so that your prospects can become new customers!


6 Linkedin Profile Must Haves for Salespeople


  1. Write an Impactful Headline – Use a compelling headline to draw attention and explain briefly what you can bring to the table
  2. Using the Right Profile Picture – Your profile picture makes the biggest impression – use a high quality, clear and professional-looking picture
  3. Making Sure Your Summary is Prospect-Focused – Even though it’s your profile, be sure to mention what is important to your prospects and show how you are able to address their needs
  4. Get Endorsements for Your Skills – Ask your managers, colleagues, previous clients to write an endorsement to build credibility
  5. Share Company Content Regularly – Nurture & educate your followers about what does your organization do by posting/sharing blog articles and case studies
  6. Join LinkedIn Groups – Join groups that are relevant to your prospects, engage with them by posting comments and sharing articles on them


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