G-Series Trading Platform

Our G-Series Stock Trading Platform is a web-based platform for broker-dealers designed to automate trading contract settlement and clearing. Most importantly, our platform brings transformative operational advantages to global post trade processing and management from trade capture through clearance and settlement, reconciliation, asset servicing, and regulatory reporting.

It streamlines and standardizes operations and infrastructure across multi asset classes, markets, currencies and business entities. Invest in what really makes a difference, with our trading platform technology to ensure your business is running smoothly.

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Global Back Office(GBO)is Designed to streamlines and standardizes operations and infrastructure across multi-asset classes, markets, currencies and business entities, simultaneously automate trading contract settlement and clearing.

1. Customizable Diversification

2. Business Day Concept

- Extending the EOD to next calendar Day

3. Configurable Settlement Day

- Handling unforeseen holidays

4. Commission Setup

- Min commission per transaction / per invoice

- Flexibility to support Marketing Campaign / Promotions

5. Margin rate & Margin Call Setup

- By account Level

- By instrument Level

6. Corporate Action Notification

7. SBL - Security Based Leading

8. Multi-Counter Party / Custodian Management

9. Open APIs

- Support connect to 3rd parties platform

Global Middle Office(GMO)is a system for broker-dealers and digital Advisors designed to automate trading risk assessment and order re-routing. It is linked with front-end trading platform and back-end settlement system.

We use the industry standard FIX protocol to connect to any exchange or 3rd party, making it easy to integrate and deploy, with no license fee. GMO uses open source and In Memory Data Base(IMDB) instead of a physical data base to reduce the latency

Low Latency: <30ms for one round trip

High Throughput: >250 orders per second

Open APIs: Connect to 3rd party front end trading platform

CyberQuote designed a highly customized front-end transaction system GFO, enable B2B dealers, salespeople and clients to trade offshore markets in an integrated system solution.

White Label design - Independently customize platform UI, increase your corporate brand image
2FA authentication - Increase cyber security
Multi-Platform - Support desktop, web, IOS, Android
E-form - Simplify and speed up operation process
Open API - Support connect 3rd parties system
Experienced - CyberQuote has more than 20 years of experience in financial trading platforms

G – 系列股票交易系統

我們的G – 系列股票交易系統是基於雲網絡技術,致力提供給各大小金融經紀商全方位最優質的自動化交易系統。


(G – 系列股票交易系統已符合香港證監會及其他監管機構的交易及監管規定)

後台結算系統 Global Back Office(GBO)是針對金融經紀交易商橫跨多個市場多 個產品的基於雲網絡平台,旨在使交易的結算和清算自動化。

1. 多元客製化

2. 多元客製化

- 可將EOD延長至下一個工作日

3. 結算日配置設定

- 可應對不同國家市場節假日

4. 交易佣金設定

- 可透過每筆交易/每張發票設定最低佣金

5. 保證金率和追收保證金設置

- 可跟據帳戶等級設定

6. 企業行動通知

7. 多元客製化

- GBO可隨著客戶需求的增長而擴展,


8. 本地化設定

- GBO可隨據客戶地區而作不同設定,


9. 多元客製化

- 支援與客戶自身第三方交易系統配合。

連接系統 Global Middle Office(GMO)是針對提供給正在或將會使用電子交易系統的金融經紀交易商連接後台和前台的中間系統,主要用於自動化風險評估和整合交易訂單。


低延遲: 每單交易延遲<30ms

高容量: 每秒可處理>250單交易

開放性API: 支援與客戶自身第三方後台及前台系統配合


白標設計方案 - 獨立客制化富有您的企業品牌形象平台UI
2FA 網絡雙重認證 - 為您增加帳戶安全性
多平台 - 支援桌面,網頁,IOS,Android訂製
網上開戶系統 - 簡化和加速開戶流程
開放性API - 支援您的自身第三方後台系統
多年經驗 - CyberQuote團隊擁有20多年金融電子交易平台經驗