E-Learning Platform

With the development of technology, the rapid growth of the internet and mobile devices traditional classroom will be replaced by E-learning, cause traditional classrooms were limited by time, geography, and other unpredictable human issues, while e-learning can make it flexible, time-saving, and cost-effective in the study.

CyberQuote provides 7*24 online learning platform:

CQ E-Learning can be provided to corporate clients or personal licensee , who can use it by computer or mobile device blended learning at any time and every where.

Beside online learning platform, CQ E-Learning solution even more provide online CPT* continuous training courses, can let user conduct courses at any time and any place, we purpose to let licensee continuous learning and meet the SFC’s annual course hours requirements easily.

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*The hours count of CyberQuote CPT training courses need to approved by user licensed institution internal compliance audit.