Two-Factor Authentication

‘Two-factor authentication (2FA) is the best way to protect your account’

Nowadays, only relying on user names and passwords cannot protect our account security, and data breaches occur daily. hackers are constantly inventing and using various tools to hack or monitor our network, leading to the outflow of your account data, In addition to enhancing existing network security levels, you can also use an additional program which outside of your own system for login authentication, which can verify the user’s identity through the device, thereby preventing any unauthorized person from using the account data, which can greatly improve the account’s safety.

CyberQuote provides with a two-factor authentication solution for commercial networks to protect your data security.

2FA Solution Features:

  • Lower cost;monthly fee for corporate users is as low as $XXXX
  • Easy to install;CyberQuote provides 2FA API interface, which can be connected to any third-party system
  • Technical support; CyberQuote have technical teams around the world, to different users we can provide 7X24 technical support services
  • Customizable; According to customer needs, CyberQuote can independently develop two-factor authentication applications for customers

Features :

  • Provide a 6-digit one-time password valid for 30 seconds
  • Simple interface, no extra functions
  • Use QR Code to easily add accounts
  • Allow multiple accounts to register and use
  • Available offline use