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What We Do

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Investing Public

Educate the investing public by delivering training programs that promote informed investment decision-making

  • Financial Training & Education
  • Trading & Investment Seminars, Workshops and Courses
Financial Technology1
Financial Technology

Develop and deliver information technology solutions and management services to the financial services industry

  • Employee Share Plan Management
  • Stock Trading Platform
  • Two-Factor Authentication
Cyber Security and Data
Financial Professionals

Train finance professionals for compliance with regulatory requirements and enable them to keep up to date with new financial products and best practices

  • IBF Approved CPD e-Learning Courses
  • Fintech Courses
Financial Professionals
Cyber Security & Data

Provide data, information, analytics and cyber security services to businesses

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Cyber Safeguard Awareness Programme
  • Cyber Hygiene Manager