Mastering Price Action Course
In this course, you will discover what price action is and how to use it to find high-probability trades in stock. You can also apply price action in all markets i.e., indices, forex, future, bitcoin & etc.
Programme Objective
  • Simplified method in understanding the basics of the financial markets
  • Acquire position sizing & risk management skills to thrive in the markets
  • Discover the secrets of indicators & oscillators that traders overlook
  • Get insight into how professional traders take advantage of price action
  • How to precisely time your entries & exits for hot stock
  • Advanced strategies to increase your winning trades with high confidence
Learning Outcome
  • Attain the ability to discover the four major elements of market conditions (market structure) which will give you a better perspective of the markets in price-action trading
  • Become knowledgeable enough to mark zones of increased supply and demand, called technical key levels. You will be able to identify the overall trend of the market, which can vary.
  • Become skillful enough to measure market sentiment/momentum and identify the best time for entries and exits and more importantly how to maximize profit and minimize loss.
  • Become an expert in market psychology – Candlestick patterns and selected indicators are then used to confirm all the elements in a tradeable setup.
  • Be equipped with Price Action Trade Setup Strategies that increase the winning probability of your trades in all markets i.e., stock, indices, forex, future, bitcoin &, etc.
Course Outline
  • The uniqueness of stock markets
  • Most pro trader use leverages & set stop loss
  • The Boring Way of Technical Analysis
  • Useful Traditional Indicator & Oscillator
  • Price Action: Introduction
  • Price Action: Market Conditions that some trader still ignore it
  • Price Action: Support & Resistance
  • Price Action: Market Psychology of Candlestick Patterns
  • Price Action Trade Setup Strategies
  • Advance Price Action Trade Setup Strategies
Target Audience
    • Designed for aspiring new traders who have the intention of trading full time
    • Aspiring all traders who like to trade all markets stock, forex, future, bitcoin etc.
    • All traders who want to be equipped with a new skill of trading strategies
Individuals are eligible for IBF enhanced course fee subsidies up to 90%.

Eligible Individuals

  • ​Company-sponsored individuals or self-sponsored participants
  • Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents, physically based in Singapore
  • Successfully completed IBF-STS recognized programme (Achieve min. 75% attendance and pass all assessment components)
For self-sponsored individuals
Programme(s) commencing between 1 Jul 2021 till 31 Dec 2021

​Mastering Price Action Course Fee ​$1,500
​7% GST ​$105
​Enhanced Funding Support (90%) – inclusive of GST ​$1,605 * 90% = $1,444.50
​Total fee payable by self-sponsored individual ​$1,605 – $1,444.50 = $160.50
For company-sponsored individuals
Programme(s) commencing between 1 Jul 2021 and 31 Dec 2021

​Mastering Price Action Course Fee ​$1,500
​7% GST ​$105
​Enhanced Funding Support (90%) – exclusive of GST ​$1,500 * 90% = $1,350
​Total fee payable by company-sponsored individual ​$1,605 – $1,350 = $255

TAG is available for training programmes commencing between 1 Jul 2021 and 30 June 2022 (both dates inclusive) and completed no later than 30 September 2022

​Training Allowance Grant (TAG) at $10 per training hour for eligible company-sponsored individuals
(paid out after course completion)
14 hours * $10 per training hour = $140

This support is in addition to wage support provided under Job Support Scheme, announced at the Resilience and Solidarity Budgets. 

For more information, please refer to our funding page.

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