Lifetime Income Mastery Course
A course suitable for any individual to have the ability to build and manage their own multi-asset portfolios that are able to generate lifetime income for their retirement needs. It is designed for investors who are serious in planning and implementing insurance and investment plans.
Programme Objective
  • Enable participants to understand Personal Financial and Protection needs
  • Help participants maximize their CPF and SRS strategy
  • Familiarize participants with Multi Assets’ criteria and methods (Stocks, Bond, REITs, Unit Trust and Retirement/Saving plan selection)
  • Equip participants with Portfolio and Risk Management skill
Learning Outcome
  • Ability to create their own portfolios that fits the criteria of lower volatility and inflation-hedged returns
  • Able to generate stable Lifetime Income using various assets class such as Stock and shares, Bonds, REITS, Unit Trust and Saving/Retirement plans
Course Outline
  • Check out your own Finances
  • Protecting Your Downside Risk
  • Maximising Your CPF
  • Growing Wealth with SRS
  • Generating Passive Income with Bonds
  • Picking Value Stocks for Dividends
  • Everything you need to know about REITs
  • How the Pro select Unit Trust
  • Dissecting Saving, Retirement and Annuities Plan
  • Becoming a Manager in Creating Your Own Lifetime Income
Target Audience
  • Individuals who want to learn Multi Asset Investing
  • Individuals who are interested in managing Multi Asset Portfolios
  • Individuals who want to have insurance, investment and retirement plan
  • Individuals planning for Retirement Income
Individuals are eligible for IBF enhanced course fee subsidies up to 90%.

Eligible Individuals

  • ​Company-sponsored individuals or self-sponsored participants
  • Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents, physically based in Singapore
  • Successfully completed IBF-STS recognized programme (Achieve min. 75% attendance and pass all assessment components)
For self-sponsored individuals
Programme(s) commencing between 1 Jul 2021 till 31 Dec 2021

​Lifetime Income Mastery Course Fee ​$1,500
​7% GST ​$105
​Enhanced Funding Support (90%) – inclusive of GST ​$1,605 * 90% = $1,444.50
​Total fee payable by self-sponsored individual ​$1,605 – $1,444.50 = $160.50
For company-sponsored individuals
Programme(s) commencing between 1 Jul 2021 and 31 Dec 2021

​Lifetime Income Mastery Course Fee ​$1,500
​7% GST ​$105
​Enhanced Funding Support (90%) – exclusive of GST ​$1,500 * 90% = $1,350
​Total fee payable by company-sponsored individual ​$1,605 – $1,350 = $255

TAG is available for training programmes commencing between 1 Jul 2021 and 30 June 2022 (both dates inclusive) and completed no later than 30 September 2022

​Training Allowance Grant (TAG) at $10 per training hour for eligible company-sponsored individuals
(paid out after course completion)
20 hours * $10 per training hour = $200

This support is in addition to wage support provided under Job Support Scheme, announced at the Resilience and Solidarity Budgets. 

For more information, please refer to our funding page.

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Programme Code
  • IBF Programme Code


  • SkillsFuture Programme Code


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