Employees are the weakest link to cyber attacks on businesses! Here are 5 Reasons Why your company should invest in Cyber Security training and prevent you and your fellow colleagues from falling victim to cyber crime!

5 Reasons Why Investing in Cyber Security Training


  1. Cyber attacks have become more complex and harder to detect so organizations must be able to have strong cybersecurity safeguards to protect their data and improve their resilience to cyber attacks.
  2. Organizations have to rethink their cybersecurity strategies to include staff training to use adaptive cyber defense solutions that are able to tackle the latest threats in real-time.
  3. Training staff, especially non-technical staff, to use new technologies can also replace inefficient and outdated manual processes to help organizations save costs and reduce administration work.
  4. Even with robust cyber defenses, employees are susceptible to cyber attacks if there is a lack of cybersecurity awareness.
  5. With recent high profile cases of cyber attacks in Singapore, there is a need to highlight the importance of cybersecurity awareness at all levels from the management to the staff to ensure organizations have adequate cyber defenses.

At CyberQuote, we believe that educating the users is the key to preventing malware infection and cyber phishing & hacking. Our Cyber-Safeguard Awareness Programme (C-SAP), which is accredited by the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF), is designed for companies to increase cyber security awareness of their employees.

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