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Free Seminars Eventbrite Cover MES How to Spot 22 Oct
How to Spot Good Trades for Maximum Profit with CK Ee
22 Oct 2019 (Tue) 7p.m.- 9p.m.

If you are looking to profit consistently in the stock market, you would want to be able to find winning stocks that can generate huge profits.


Free Seminars Eventbrite Cover MIW Guide to Investing During US China 23 Oct
Guide to Investing During the US-China Trade War with Jay Chia
23 Oct 2019 (Wed) 7p.m.- 9p.m.

With the ongoing US-China trade war, markets have been very volatile. Historically, market bottoms are formed during those periods and can provide the best investment returns.


Free Seminars FB Event Cover LIM How to Pick REITs for Retirement Income 04 Nov
How to Pick REITs for Retirement Income with Darren Chew
04 Nov 2019 (Mon) 7p.m.- 9.30p.m.

Many people thus invest in REITs and plan to use it as a form of retirement income. However, are you aware that not all REITs are suitable for retirement and there are some common pitfalls that people face?