REITs Mastery


This course will focus on the REITs in the Singapore market, where there are more than 40 listed REITs with a total market capitalization in excess of $90 billion. The material will be compartmentalized into 3 parts, beginning with an introduction to the various real estate sectors and the general cash flow of a REIT. We then examine each vital section critically, including the debt, the assets, and the fee structure of the REIT. Finally, the course will round up with a top-down overview of how investors can build a balanced portfolio.

Programme Objectives
  • Equip participants with knowledge of the fundamentals of REITs
  • Enable participants to make better REIT valuation estimates
  • Equip participants with the skills to select REITs and build their own portfolio
Target Audience
  • People who are serious about making money from stock markets with lower risks
  • People who want to generate a flow of passive income
  • People who seek to find an investing strategy with both capital gains and dividends
Course Outline
  • REITs fundamentals
  • Valuation of REITs
  • Practical case studies
  • Building your own income generating global REITs portfolio
  • Real-life example of LIVE investment portfolio
Learning Outcomes
  • Learn the foundation of REITs
  • How to generate recurring income from REITs
  • Learn ways that a REIT can raise capital for portfolio expansion
  • How to select high quality REITs
  • How to avoid risky REITs that promise high dividends
  • How to evaluate the financial strength of the REIT by looking at debt profiles
  • How to pick out quality REITs instantly with our excel calculator